The work of writing

IMG_20160229_074722336_HDRHi Teen Voices folks,

By now, you’ve probably got a few poems down on paper. If you have been attending our meetings or corresponding with us, you may have also received some feedback on your work. And now we’re asking you to send us submissions for publication.

So how do you get there?

Long story short, it takes work. While I’m writing a poem, I am often filled with the excitement and energy of the moment. But when it comes time to look back at my notebook and type the poem, the work becomes slower, more methodical, even (dare I say) harder.

But this, friends, is the work of writing. Your first draft is rarely your best. Give yourself and your poetry the gift of time, of a second look.

And then set it free.

Happy leap day,


One comment

  1. scottlowerywriting · February 29, 2016

    Thanks, Marcie!


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